I'm an all-round software engineer and technical lead with extensive experience with development stacks such as Java (Enterprise), C/C++ (Embedded), Android/React Native (Mobile). I'm always expanding my horizon with new and interesting tools and languages such as NodeJS, Meteor, React and Kotlin. Currently focusing on Docker and Continuous Delivery & Deployment. Big fan of quality metrics to continuously drive improvements. Promoter of agile processes such as Scrum and Kanban. I'm best described as a person with strong technical skills, passionate speaker and always ready to learn something new.


  • Java

  • C++

  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • Gimp

  • Vim

  • Chrome

  • Git

  • Github

  • Travis

  • Linux

  • Docker

  • React

  • Nginx

  • NodeJS

  • Meteor

  • Wordpress

  • MySQL

  • Postgres

  • Mongo

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